SUNDAY exists everywhere.
sunday is carrying a heavy historical, political, religious meaning. songs, movies, poems make reference to sunday. it is a special day and a word linked with emotions of pleasure but of sadness, as well. the weekend is over but still it is considered a leisure day. a tense mixture, so is the collaboration of musicians and dancers.
lia tsolaki and robyn schulkovsky worked with musicians and dancers creating movement and music out of the same creative atmosphere. this means both disciplines lead and follow. musicians are not asked to dance, but while sharing the stage, the intense work with dancers puts them in a rhythm. in the same way, dancers are not asked to become musicians, but the aural awareness opens up new dimensions in movement. music is created live, by the musicians together with the dancers, in a real time collaboration.


concept: lia tsolaki - robyn schulkowsky
choreography: lia tsolaki
music: robyn schulkowsky
sets - costumes: evaggelia therianou
lightings: sofia alexiadou
musicians: sofia labropoulou, alexandros papadimitrakis, petros saridakis
dancers: alexandros vardaxoglou, katerina spyropoulou, elena stavropoulou, katernina toumpa, alexis tsiamoglou
production assistant: efthimis christou
camera: panagiotis lampis, aris tziavas
video editing color: fanourios kazakis

production: goethe institute athens
with the support of duncan dance center

2014: goethe institute athens