a makeshift park throughout the year… those who live there have built their own world, their own little society. passing from one season to the next, they trace a perpetual circular movement. these people's personal journeys meet and sometimes lead them into a race, against each other or against themselves, in a park that looks like a battlefield, in a park that looks like life.


concept - direction: lia tsolaki
choreography: lia tsolaki in collaboration with the dancers
set & costumes design: eva nathena
music: chrysanthos christodoulou
lightings: linos meitanis
dancers: ioanna apostolou, alexandros vardaxoglou, xenia themeli, christos kapenis, tina konstantinidou, alexia beziki, alexis tsiamoglou

2012: michael cacoyannis foundation, athens
2013: vyrsodepseio theatre in the frame of the arc for dance festival in athens