lia tsolaki, dancer and choreographer, gets back on stage in this double identity. based on material from previous projects, such as parking and aROUND, the choreographer sets out to further explore the double meaning that arises from taking up roles (gender roles and beyond that), the meaning of play in everyday life – an activity that goes beyond the “work-entertainment” dipole, and connects us to the origins of social organization. in flux, her new project, the fluidity of gender identities and the liminality of the contemporary subject are placed in the focus of attention for choreographic investigation. a man and a woman test the limits of their coexistence, change places or even expand their roles, which are already predetermined by social contracts and history. however, this is not just another duet attempting to shed light on the two ends of the “man-woman” dipole or clarify which are the features to be attributed to each gender. the performers aim to find themselves at the cracks of established relationships, in the undefined space of otherness, so that they can push the “limits of the real”, pose questions and lay the foundation for a deeper, intuitive understanding of the genders.


concept - direction: lia tsolaki
choreography: lia tsolaki in collaboration with alexis tsiamoglou & kiki mpaka
dramaturgy: tassos koukoutas
original music: robyn schulkowsky, vyron katritsis, christos christopoulos
sets: evaggelia therianou
lighting: linos meitanis
production manager: maria dourou, efthimios christou
dancers: alexis tsiamoglou, lia tsolaki

with the support of "art 63" art space 

2016: athens and epidaurus festival
2017: kunstfestspiele herrenhausen