in her new choreographic work, lia tsolaki deals with the circle (a round) as a shape with a double function: it states and formulates, defines and confines performers’ action in space as much as their behaviour. through the structure of the game, the choreographer attempts to investigate the interactions that can possibly (or probably) develop amongst dancers, the rules that explicitly or implicitly define their actions, as well as the dynamics - decentralizing or collaborative - that transform the space from a field of rivalry into a setting of harmonious coexistence, and vice versa. with the game functioning as a synecdoche of life and of the alternating roles of each person over the course of life, from childhood to adulthood, around is a reflection on the absurdity of coexistence, on the game of success and failure, on the sense of the cycle which is essentially connected with the unchanging human nature. interminably repetitive, open to the otherness yet lonely, playful yet meaningful, this piece contains all those complementary or contradictory elements that the title attempts to approach: a game or a circular pattern of unexpected balance; one around everyone or all around one. The circle motivates the protagonists to participate in the “game” through alternating complex or individual movement sequences, structured patterns and random encounters as if confirming the words of a great author: “the end is in the beginning, and yet you go on” [s. becket]

tassos koukoutas


concept - direction: lia tsolaki
choreography: lia tsolaki in collaboration with the dancers
original music: chrysanthos christodoulou
sets: kenny maclellan
costumes: daphne iliopoulou
lighting: linos meitanis
dramaturgy: tassos koukoutas
production manager: rena andreadaki
production assistant: efthimios christou
dancers: ioanna apostolou, katerina liontou, elena stavropoulou, giannis nikolaidis, ilias hatzigeorgiou

production: onassis cultural centre - athens 

2015: onassis cultural centre, in athens, in the frame of the 2nd young choreographers festival